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Chicago Diaper DominatrixI am Mommy Madeline, your favorite caretaker, nanny, AB sitter, mommy, governess, auntie, infantilizer, sissifier, nurse, teacher, and diaper matron.

The age-play and diaper-play facility I created is my magnum opus. I see its creation as a Sisyphean task. I am always adding and enlarging. It won't be complete until the day I take my last breath. If my space brings you as much joy as it brings me, you're in for a real treat. It's magnificent. See the Nursery page for an in-depth look.

I am a vastly skilled fetish professional with almost two decades of professional experience and over thirty years in the lifestyle.

I love my sweet ones, even when they're naughty and in need of punishment. I do everything lovingly, even scolding, enforcing time-outs, and doling out discipline in a firm, yet gentle, manner.

I can be the most nurturing, caring mommy in the world, or I can be the strictest mommy you can imagine. It's your choice.


Mommy Madeline of ChicagoI am an exuberant, energetic, optimistic, well-educated, sophisticated, well-traveled, mature, female dominant, a voluptuous woman with soft full curves. Some refer to me as a BBW, a big beautiful woman. My Rubenesque figure is accented by a lovely DDD natural bust line. I am statuesque, taller than the average female. I am known for my long natural fingernails and beautifully pedicured feet. I have flawless ivory skin and a perfect white smile. My pretty face is framed by lovely, long red hair that cascades to my lower back. My eyes are a hypnotic blue.

One of my passions is travel. I am an enthusiastic globe-trotter. Another passion is cooking. I'm a foodie and an excellent cook. My hobbies include reading English literature, enjoying a wide variety of music, art appreciation, interior design, the Mid-Century modern aesthetic, Mission style, Craftsman style, Art Nouveau, Art Deco, architecture, concerts, live theatre, writing, beauty, fashion (vintage and contemporary), and watching independent cinema.

Some of my favorite things are flowers, Latex (rubber), leather, jazz clubs, nightclubs, animals, gardening, nature, zombies, swimming, flying, boating, sightseeing, and vintage lingerie (open bottom girdles, corsets, seamed stockings, garter belts, RHT hosiery, nylon pantyhose, high heel shoes, thigh high boots, nursing bras, bullet bras, cone bras, and bustiers). I love retro attire, and long for the day when ladies will regularly wear hats and gloves again. I have a weakness for men in uniform and guys in Fedoras (Ward Cleaver makes my panties wet).

Mommy Madeline of ChicagoMy many radio appearances include spots on WKRK 97.1 FM (Kramer & Twitch, Hamtramck House Party) and WXOU 88.3 FM (Untitled Radio) in Detroit and Sin City Bounty in Las Vegas. My television appearances include doing a labial infusion in the British TV documentary "Drastic Plastic." My personal appearances include guest speaking about professional domination at Whipstock 2003, performing demonstrations of enemas and other techniques at Florida E-fest 2009, coordinating numerous fetish shows throughout the Midwest, performing demos at alternative lifestyle events, presenting at gender conferences, organizing and hosting the annual Chicago E-fest (an annual enema festival), organizing and hosting bi-monthly Chicago AB/DL Slumber Parties, and speaking at colleges and universities on various subjects, such as professional BDSM, fetish work, and paraphilia.

I entered the professional BDSM business in 1999. I love my chosen career, and it shows. I cannot think of anything I would rather be than a professional dominatrix. I am also a lifestyle mistress, which means that I live the D/s lifestyle 24/7 and maintain a stable of personal slaves. I am kinky to the core.

Mommy Madeline of ChicagoI savor all aspects of BDSM and am highly skilled in all facets of domination, role-play, kink, and fetishes. I do it all and have few limits. I will respect your limits. I can set the scene for whatever your perverted little mind can imagine. I am an expert in many fields. I am the real thing. To sum it up, I am vastly experienced, extremely open-minded, highly skilled, endlessly talented, incredibly intuitive, exceptionally creative, and extraordinarily sensual.

I truly enjoy age-play, infantilism, and diaper fetish. I am an advocate of the AB/DL/Age-Play community. I am constantly working to teach people, organizations, and corporations that the experiences of AB/DL and age-players are no less authentic than those of anyone else. I work tirelessly to demonstrate that age-play, infantilism, and diaper fetish are all legitimate interests that have nothing to do with pedophilia. Eventually, the myths about and misconceptions of these topics will be dispelled. In the meantime our community must work to spreading facts, not fiction.