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ABDL Nursery ChicagoImagine a safe, warm, and inviting haven, where you can act out your age-play wishes and satisfy your deepest fetish and ABDL desires. My nursery is the answer to your dreams.

Take comfort knowing there is a place that embraces your proclivities, helps you express your feelings, and allows you to realize your most fantastic imaginings. Such a place is a godsend for anyone who gave up hope of ever finding an understanding professional who shares a penchant for role-play, diaper fetish, age-play, and sissification.

Discovering a location that is ideally suited to the play that nurtures your tendencies is truly wonderful. Picture an extremely well-equipped play space where your nervousness dissipates as my warm welcome assures you that your inclinations are understood. An experience at my nursery is beyond your wildest dreams.


You will marvel at the attention to detail in every aspect of my nursery. You will be in awe of the wonderful possibilities such a place affords your fantasy explorations.

My nursery is made up of several rooms and two outdoor spaces.

The backyard is fully-fenced and landscaped for privacy. There's a large grassy area for you to run around and play. It also has a jungle gym, tree swing, huge sandbox, playpen, and kiddie pool. The patio has a fire pit for roasting marshmallows and singing campfire songs. There's an old-fashioned picnic table for a nostalgic outdoor meal or a coloring book adventure. I have lots of outdoor playthings like pogo sticks, hula hoops, kites, bubbles, sidewalk chalk, sports balls, sandbox toys, games, radio-controlled vehicles, et cetera.

The front yard has a huge driveway, large grassy area, and is on a cul-de-sac, so you can safely ride the Big Wheelie or adult tricycle.

Inside, you will find a blue and green fisher price rainforest nursery for male adult babies, a pink and white Peter Rabbit nursery for sissy adult babies, a huge playroom that looks like a toy store exploded, a pediatrician's exam room for adults, a children's hospital room for adults, a domestic discipline room for naughty ones, a classroom suitable for age play, and a dungeon for kinky clients.

Adult Baby Cribs - Crib Bumpers, Extra Soft Bedding & Blankets, Musical Mobiles, Musical Light-Up Soothers, Playtime Mirrors, Various Crib Toys, Comfortable Memory Foam Mattress Boy Crib, Sissy Crib High End Traditional Mattress, Comfy Pillows, Receiving Blankets, Adult Baby Monitor

You never slept so soundly.

Adult Baby High Chair - Nursery-Themed Cushions, Hidden Bondage Straps For Naughty Littles, Sliding Food Tray, Nursery Theme Dishes & Utensils, Dozens Of Bibs, Hundreds Of Bottles, Numerous Sippy Cups, Infant Utensils, Baby Spoons, Snack Keepers, Organic Baby Food, Soy Formula, Nonfat Milk, 2% Milk, Whole Milk, Various Organic Juices, Arrowroot Cookies For Teething

Mealtime is always an adventure.

Adult Changing Tables - Nursery-Themed Changing Pads, Moistened Wipes, Talcum Powder, Cornstarch Powder, Diaper Rash Ointment, Baby Lotion, Baby Oil, Moistened Wipe Warmer, Oversized Diaper Pins, Snappi Cloth Diaper Fasteners, Diaper Pails

Let's get you out of that soaking wet diaper.

Playroom - Cradle, Playpen, Books, Toys, Stuffed Animals, Dolls, Changing Pad, Coloring Books, Crafts Area, Chalkboard Wall, Music, Tummy Time Play Mats

Time to have fun!.

Entertainment Center - TV/VCR/DVD, Family-Friendly & Animated VHS Video Tapes & DVDs, Radio/CD Player, Lullaby CDs, Deluxe Cable TV Subscription, Super Fast WiFi, Nintendo

Let's snuggle up and watch a show.

Rocking Chair For Two - Burping Cloths, Bottles, Bedtime Stories, Pacifiers

It's big enough for mommy plus one, perfect for quiet cuddle time or a bottle feeding.

Bookshelves - Coloring Books, Children's Books, Work Books, Pop-Up Books, Construction Paper, Wide-Ruled Writing Paper, Finger Paints, Safety Scissors, Glue Sticks, Crayons, Colored Pencils, Gel Pens, Chubby Pencils, Pipe Cleaners, Tissue Paper, Poms, Googly Eyes

There are lots of craft materials to make a keepsake for Mommy.

Toy Boxes - Stuffed Animals, Puzzles, Outdoor Games, Outdoor Toys, Fashion Dolls, Rattles, Toys Galore, Teethers, Trucks, Cars, Wooden Alphabet Blocks, Plastic Building Blocks, Board Games, Baby Dolls, Tea Party Sets, Play-Doh Fun Factory, Hula Hoops

It looks like a toy store exploded in my nursery.

Disposable Diapers, Cloth Diapers, & Booster Pads - I have all the following diapers in my stockpile in every size the manufacturer offers.

Abena Abri-Form AirPlus
Abena Abri-Form X-Plus
Abri-Flex Protective Underwear
ABUniverse BareBum
ABUniverse Cushies Plastic
ABUniverse Cushies Cloth
ABUniverse Kiddo
ABUniverse Lavender
ABUniverse Little Pawz
ABUniverse PeekABU
ABUniverse PreSchool Cloth
ABUniverse PreSchool Plastic
ABUniverse Simple
ABUniverse Simple Ultra
ABUniverse Sissy
ABUniverse Space
ABUniverse Super Dry Kids
ABUniverse PowerUps
All-In-One Cloth (AIO)
Attends Overnight Breathable
Attends Slip Active No. 10
Attends Slip Vintage No. 10
Attends Waistband Style
Aww So Cute Blue Teddy Bear
Aww So Cute Pink Teddy Bear
Aww So Cute Purple Teddy Bear
Bambino Bellissimo
Bambino Bianco
Bambino Bianco UltraStretch
Bambino Classico
Bambino Duo Booster Pads
Bambino Magnifico
Bambino Magnifico Slip-On
Bambino Quadro Booster Pads
Bambino Sun N' Fun
Bambino Teddy
Bambino Valentine's
BeeSana Slip Air
BetterDry Premium
Birdseye Cloth
Bumooza Alphabet Classic
Changing Times Bear Hugz
Classy Comfort
Cloth Diaper Liners
Contour Cloth
Crinklz Original
Crinklz Aquanaut
Crinklz Astronaut
Cuddlz All-Over Print
Cuddlz Bright Dayz
Cuddlz Drydayz
Cuddlz Front Panel Print
Cuddlz Nursery
Custom Modded
Cuties 7
Diaper Connoisseur Amor (2015)
Diaper Connoisseur Amor (2016)
Diaper Connoisseur Idyl (2015)
Diaper Connoisseur Idyl (2017)
Depend With Tabs
Dotty Diaper Dotty The Pony
Dotty Diaper Pride
Dotty Diaper Super Boompa
Fabine Black
Fabine Bunt
Fabine Dreamlike Blue
Fabine Dreamlike Pink
Fabine Exclusiv Teddy Blue
Fabine Exclusiv Teddy Pink
Fabine Merry Christmas
Fabine Pacifier
Fabine Safty
Fab Sense City Print
Flannel Cloth
Flat Cloth
Forma-Care X-Plus
Gauze Cloth
Government Issue Blue
Huggies 6
Kolibri Comslip Plus
Libero SleepTight 9
Lilí Stings Barnyard Baby
Lille HealthCare Suprem Fit Maxi
LittleForBig Little Dreamers
LittleForBig Little Fantasy
LittleForBig Little Trunks
LittleForBig Nursery Blue
LittleForBig Nursery Pink
Luvs 6
MaiMed Night
MoliCare Super Plus
MyDiaper Animals
MyDiaper Black
MyDiaper Blue
MyDiaper Colour
MyDiaper Night
MyDiaper Princess
MyDiaper Sexy
MyDiaper Ultra
MyDiaper White
MyDiaper X-Plus Night
MyDiaper Yellow
NappiesRUs Little Rascals
NappiesRUs PlayDayz Blue
NappiesRUs PlayDayz Classic Blue
NappiesRUs PlayDayz Classic Pink
NappiesRUs PlayDayz Pink
NorthShore AirPremium Briefs
NorthShore Supreme Briefs
Pampers 6
Pre-Fold Flat Cloth
Prevail Maximum StretchFit
Qtty Rawr
RearZ Building Blocks
RearZ DiaperLife Inspire Select
RearZ Dinorawrs
RearZ Inspire
RearZ Inspire Select
RearZ Inspire+ Incontrol
RearZ Ladies First
RearZ Lil' Monsters
RearZ Lil' Squirts
RearZ Princess Pink
RearZ Rebel
RearZ Safari
RearZ Seduction
RearZ Spoiled
RearZ Vintage Baby Dry
Secure X-Plus Fitted
Seni Standard Plus Night
Snuggies Waddler
Snuggies Waddler Overnight
Tena Slip Active Fit Maxi
TotalDry Maximum Boost Ups
TotalDry Moderate Boost Ups
TotalDry Ultimate Boost Ups
TotalDry Overnight Briefs
TotalDry X-Plus Briefs
Tranquility ATN (All-Through-the-Night)
Tranquility Swimmates
Twill Cloth
Tykables Galactic
Tykables Little Builders
Tykables Overnights
Tykables Pleather
Tykables Waddler
UnderCareWear Race Car
UnderCareWear Star
Unique Booster Pads
Unique Wellness

Photos of many of these disposable and cloth diapers and booster pads are on my photo gallery page.

Bathroom - Oversize Bathtub, Cotton Swabs, Baby Lotion, Baby Oil, Petroleum Jelly, Bath Wash, Baby Shampoo, Cotton Balls, Baby Washcloths, Extra Soft Towels, Bubble Bath, Surprise Inside Bath Bombs, Water Coloring Tablets, Soft Bristle Hairbrush, Comb, Flavored Toothpaste, Baby Cologne, Baby Oil Gel, Baby Soap, Baby Toothbrushes, Dozens Of Bath Toys, Hooded Character Towels

I only use top brands, like Johnson & Johnson.

Medicine Cabinet - Suppositories, Saline Bottle Enemas, Ivory Soap, Digital Thermometer, Nose Drops, Gripe Water, Lifebuoy Soap, Disposable Rectal Thermometers, Castile Baby Soap, Enema Bags, Hot Water Bottle, Castor Oil, Cod Liver Oil, Catheters, Sunscreen, Character Band-Aids, Bactine

Mommy will cure what ails you.

Adult Baby Equipment - Oversized Pacifiers, Leather Harness & Reins, Beaded Pacifier Clips, Glass Soother Plug, Sissy Baby Wigs, Peenie Petal, Ribbon Pacifier Clips, Sissy Baby Jewelry, Sissy Baby Hair Accessories, Diaper Tapes, ABDL Bondage Equipment, Diaper Spreaders, Waddle Diapers, Sleep Sacks

I have the most well-equipped ABDL nursery in the world.

Clothing (XS-6X, Plastic, PVC, Rubber, Flannel, Cotton, Fleece, Satin, Organza, Et Cetera) - Onesies, Rompers, JonJons, Booties, Mitts, Bonnets, Hats, Plastic Pants (Pull-On & Side Snap), Rubber Pants, Petticoats, Rhumba Panties, Jumpers, Underoos, Training Pants, Playsuits, Ruffled Tights, Panties, Knee Socks, Tights, Socks, Diaper Tees, Petticoats, Pettipants, Footed Pajamas, Blanket Sleepers, Sissy Dresses, Play Sets, Padded Waddle Pants, Spreading Trousers, Pajamas, Pinafores, Bobby Socks, Shoes, Play Dresses, Fancy Dresses, Latex Rubber Overnight Diaper Garment, Latex Rubber Diaper Pants, Diaper Covers, Bibbed Overalls, Shortalls, Waddle Rompers, Little Lord Fauntleroy Suit, Mittens, Boots, Slippers

Mommy Madeline has the best-dressed littles on Earth.

Mommy's Wardrobe - Aprons, Nurse, Nanny, Dresses, Fuzzy Slippers, Soft Robes, High Heels, Boots, Fully-Fashioned Seamed Stockings, Garter Belts, Pantyhose, Business Suits, 1950s Vintage Dresses, Slips, Pearls, School Marm, Girdles, Nursing Bras, Leather, Latex Rubber, Corsets, Furs

However you envision your role-play partner, I can look the part.

Bondage Equipment - Baby Harness With Reins/Leash, Handcuffs, Leather Teddy Bear Restraint Set (collar, wrist cuffs, ankle cuffs), Under Mattress Crib Restraint System, Leather Pacifier Gag Head Harness, Locking Mitts, Locking Sissy Dresses, Locking Plastic Pants, Crib Restraints, Blindfolds, Hoods, Cuffs, Collars, Gags, Leather Pacifier Gags, High Chair Restraints, Rope, Silk Scarves, Strait Jackets, Latex Rubber Restraints, Plastic Wrap, Spandex Body Bag

Mommy knows how to keep naughty little ones in their place.

Corporal Punishment Methods - OTK Spankings, Face-Slapping, Hand Smacking, Wooden Spoons, Carpet Beaters, Hair Brushes, Rulers, Paddles, Canes, Switches, Birch Bundles, Whisk Brooms, Fly Swatters, Kitchen Utensils, Floggers, Crops, Whips, Belts, Leather Teddy Bear Paddle, Ping Pong Paddles, Leather Straps, Wet Bottom Spankings, Ear-Marching, Bare Bottom Spankings, Hair-Pulling

Mommy has no qualms about taking brats over her lap.

Discipline Methods For Cursing & Sass - Mouth Soaping, Ivory Soap, Lifebuoy Soap, Washcloth

Naughty ones caught using profanity will be rigorously dealt with.

Time Out - Corner Time, Time-Out Stool

Little monsters will think about their misbehavior, until they've learned their lesson.

Curative Measures - Enemas, Castor Oil, Suppositories, Cod Liver Oil, Nose Drops, Ginger Root, Rectal Thermometry, Ice, Locked Diapers, Teddy Bear Clothespins, TENS Unit, Crib Restraints, Outing Harness, Prunes, Chastity Devices

Mother knows best, and it's for your own good.

Bed-Wetter Humiliation - Forced Into Diapers, Forced Age Regression, Plastic Pants, Bed-Wetting Alarm, Plastic Sheets, Wet Bottom Spanking

Mommy is sick and tired of washing your wet sheets every morning.

Public Humiliation - Obvious Diaper Bulk, Public Diaper Checks, Forced Age Regression, Forced Infantilism, Verbal Scolding, Public Feedings, Stroller Confinement, Public Pacifier

Mommy has no problem publicly humiliating you.

Hypnosis - Age Regression, Diaper Programming, Forced Incontinence, Paraphilia Acceptance, Affirmation, Diaper Dependence, Forced Feminization, Mind Control, Post-Hypnotic Suggestion, Relyfe Programming

I am a certified hypnotherapist and neuro-linguistic programming master practitioner with extensive experience (C.Ht, PsyD, NBCCH, member NGH, ABH, ABNLP, and Hypnotherapists Union Local 472).


My nursery is located in a very upscale neighborhood in a suburb of Chicago. It is very private and discreet. My space is conveniently located just minutes from O'Hare International Airport (ORD), Midway Airport, and Chicago's downtown financial district (The Loop). My facility is easily accessible via public transportation (taxi, bus, train, limo, ride-sharing, etc). Free transportation is provided for out-of-town visitors to and from the bus depot, train station, or airport, if your session is at least 24 hours in duration.