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FurriesThe Internet is a vast sea of information, both good and bad. Navigating it can sometimes be a chore. Hopefully, this little list of sites that are related to our community will help you surf the Web more effectively.

If you have a favorite site you would like to add here, feel free to e-mail it to me for consideration. I'll check it out and add it, if I feel it fits into one of my links categories.


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I compiled this list for your convenience. In no way do I endorse any of these sites. Be careful when you purchase anything over the Internet. Check the site's security certificate to ensure your information is secure, when it is transmitted during a financial transaction. Often your browser will show a locked padlock symbol next to the website address in the address bar. Do not let e-commerce get the best of you. Please advise me, if you discover a dead link or find one to be unsavory. That said, enjoy surfing these sites!