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ABDL NurseryI am ABDL Mommy Madeline of Chicago, your favorite carer, nanny, AB sitter, mommy, governess, auntie, sometimes forceful infantilizer, sissifier, nurse, teacher, and diaper fetish matron. I cater to all sexual orientations and gender identities who wish to session with a professional who understands the subtleties of age play and diaper fetishism.

I welcome anyone over the age of eighteen to join me in exploration of AB/DL, adult baby, diaper lover, sissy baby, diaper punishment, paraphilic infantilism, forced infantilism, babyfur, sissyfur, diaperfur, lilfur, infantilist, age-play, bigs, littles, middles, and related fetishes to my adult playground, which is located in the Chicago area, minutes from O'Hare International Airport.

If you seek a lady with whom to engage in fantasy role play that incorporates your fetish or behavioral urges, search no more. I am the one you seek. I offer sessions that are precisely tailored to your needs and desires. You get to design your own session. I am mindful to provide a scene that will relieve your stress and satisfy your desires. I understand that this is a form of escapism, and that the stress-relieving catharsis can be very mentally and physically healthful.

My facility is Chicagoland's only ABDL nursery. In fact, my space is the only ABDL nursery in the upper Midwest. It's a space that caters to adult babies, sissy babies, babyfurs, diaper lovers, infantilists, and age-play littles. It's really perfect for anyone who wants an adult nursery scene or to engage in diaper play.

My nursery is fully-equipped for age play sessions. You will not find a better ABDL nursery anywhere in the world. Great care went into its creation. You will marvel at its details. It is a little slice of heaven for adult babies, sissy babies, littles, and diaper lovers.

I am the most adept age play professional you will find. I perform sessions ranging from gentle to strict, depending on your preferences. A thorough pre-session discussion determines your limits and areas of interest. This allows me to create the perfect scene for you. You get to design your own session.

Note that I am not a prostitute. I am a fantasy fulfillment professional, a life coach of sorts. I do not offer sexual services. I am a role-player, dominant persona, and fetishist. I remain fully-clothed during our entire session. I do not offer "hand release," "jobs," or any sort of sexual stimulation. What I do relates more to your mind than your body. If you seek validation, I'm happy to oblige. If you're looking for strap-on penetration, you are looking in the wrong place.

If you solicit sex, you will be asked to leave, our session will end, and you will forfeit your entire session fee. That means I keep the money and you realize what a jackass you were to ask me for services that I do not provide. The same will happen if you grab me, try to touch me, suggest that I "help you cum," or other such vulgarities. Get this through your thick little skull, NO SEX PERIOD!

I am a lady. Cursing is indicative of a feeble mind. I do not use profanity. I expect you to refrain from it, as well. If you swear, I will wash out your mouth with a bar of Lifebuoy soap.

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I stress the word "adult" on my site, because I wish to make it very clear that this site is adult-oriented and in no way intended for or related to minors. The word "baby," on this site, refers to an adult who likes to mentally, emotionally, and physically regress to infancy or childhood, not an actual baby. AGE PLAY IS NOT PEDOPHILIA! Age play is consenting adults role-playing various ages. Age players have no sexual interest in minors.

Age-play is role-play, not pedophilia. Adult babies don't have a sexual interest in children nor do I. They want to pretend to be a different age, in a role-play situation. That is the beginning and the end of it. Educate yourself.

I speak at local colleges and universities about paraphiliac infantilism. If you wish to understand this topic to a greater degree, e-mail me, and I will gladly invite you to my next speaking engagement. ABDL fetish is the most misunderstood paraphilia. It has nothing to do with minors or pedophilia. That is a misconception.

If you have pedophilic tendencies, have sexual fantasies about minors, or have acted on your urges, please contact a mental healthcare professional immediately. A therapist can help you manage your feelings and learn how not to act on them. Medications are available to help your mental disorder, including drugs to reduce your sex drive. Sexual attraction toward your peers is normal. Attraction toward minors is abnormal, unhealthy, and can endanger. Many therapists offer payments on a sliding scale, according to what you can afford. Please, seek help. You don't choose to be a pedophile. You have a mental disorder. There is no shame in seeking help. In fact, it is admirable.


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