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Three ABDL PacifiersThis is a list of my personal kinky interests, paraphilia, fetishes, and favorite activities. I built this list, so you can acquaint yourself with my proclivities.

This list is not what will happen during your session. We will discuss your interests and limits. That conversation will set boundaries for your session. At my ABDL nursery you build your own session. Everything is customized for you.


Please note that some of my interests are illegal in exchange for money, so I do not offer them to clients. This is simply a list of my personal interests, so you can get to know me better.



I am passionate about the ABDL community. My play space is the finest in the world. My curated collection of furniture, equipment, supplies, and accessories is unsurpassed. My knowledge of ABDL culture is unparalleled. When it comes to the ABDL scene, no one is more skilled than I.

Adult Baby

Infantilism is one of my favorite fetishes. Most dominatrices shy away from this play, but I absolutely love it. Being the authority figure in a forced age regression scene really excites me. I delight in hypnotizing my victim into an altered state where age is determined by imagination and diapers are requisite. I am equally fond of taking the role of a nurturing caretaker in a big baby coddling scenario. When I am an understanding custodian putting a little down for a nap in the adult baby nursery crib, feeding a big baby his bottle, giving a fussy whiner his pacifier to soothe him, and changing wet diapers, I am genuinely focused on the scene and truly enjoying myself.

Diaper Lover

I know that all adult babies are diaper lovers, but not all diaper lovers are babies. Adult babies engage in age play. Diaper lovers may or may not enjoy age play. For the pure diaper lovers out there I offer sensational diaper fetish sessions without age play integration. Whether you favor cloth nappies, disposable diapers, or both, I can easily accommodate your needs. My facility is stocked with many types of cloth diapers and hundreds of brands of disposables in every size made, as well as hundreds of pairs of plastic and rubber pants.

Sissy Baby

Male infantilists who prefer to assume the role of a girl are called sissy babies. I have a special place in my heart for sissy babies. The sissy nursery closet is crammed full of pinafores, bobby socks, frilly baby doll dresses, petticoats, school uniforms, fancy party dresses, ruffled tights, Rhumba panties, plastic pants, rubber pants, plastic baby outfits, rubber baby outfits, girly onesies, rompers, nightgowns, jumpers, blouses, skirts, cutesy shortalls, footie pajamas, diaper tees, Mary Jane shoes, bonnets, little girl wigs, hair bows, and so much more. I love turning bad boys into good girls by dressing them up and forcing them to behave.

Diaper Punishment

These scenes involve me forcing you into diapers for one reason or another. For example, if you are going to act like a baby, I am going to treat you like a baby. Public humiliation may be involved, if it is within your limits. It is likely that I will force you to wet your diaper and sit and stew in it.

Rubber Mommy / Rubber Baby

I have plenty of clothing and equipment to entertain rubber babies, including rubber rompers, bloomers, diaper covers, pants, aprons (for me), and more.

Plastic Mommy / Plastic Baby

My collection has more plastic than you can shake a stick at, including mitts, booties, bibs, aprons (for me), skirts, pants, rompers, underpants, bonnets, and much more.

ABDL Discipline

I set very specific rules for you to adhere to, such as bedtime, naptime, mealtime, playtime, bathtime, what you wear, what you eat, how you behave, which punishments you will endure, if you misbehave, play activities, et cetera.

ABDL Bondage

Adult babies, diaper lovers, sissy babies, littles, and age players who are into bondage will love my ABDL bondage collection, which includes crib bondage, locking sleep sacks, leather baby harnesses, high chair restraints, cuffs, collars, straitjackets, diaper harnesses, diaper spreaders, ropes, handcuffs, locking plastic pants, and the list goes on.

ABDL Punishment

Spare the rod, spoil the child. I use OTK wet bottom spankings, corner time, time out, mouth soaping, and other disciplinary measures to keep my adult babies, sissy babies, infantilists, littles, and diaper lovers in check. I prefer to use my hand, hairbrush, wooden spoon, ruler, and other household objects when punishing to lend authenticity to the scene. I have genuine LifeBuoy soap, imported from England, to soap cursing and fibbing mouths. God forbid I catch someone touching their naughty parts, because that warrants severe punishment. Mild violations will be met with scolding. More troublesome infractions will be dealt with using the appropriate method to leave a lasting impression on you. For example, should you be caught cursing, you shall undergo a most thorough mouth-soaping to cleanse you of such filthy talk. If I catch you smoking, you will be forced to smoke a carton of cigarettes in succession. If I bust you drinking, you will endure forced intoxication of great magnitude. If you walk away, while I am talking to you, you will be assigned corner time. I run a tight ship. Corporal punishment is high on my list of ways to keep you in line.

ABDL Humiliation

I enjoy many humiliation methods, both verbal and physical. If you seek the humiliation of a public outing, I offer that too. I have an adult size stroller in which I can push you around.

Age Regression / Age Play

Regression and progression role play can be very fun. Perhaps, the best known form of this is infantilism, where the subject regresses to infancy or toddler age. I find this to be one of my favorite role play activities. Other common forms of age play are assuming specific roles like teacher/student, sitter/child, parent/child, school nurse/sick student, mommy/child, daddy/child, nun/child, and nurse/child. If you prefer to play a little older than an infant or toddler, I can accommodate you. I will immerse you in a fantasy world that will make you forget your outside life. My play space has tons of toys, children's videos, stuffed animals, Underoos, training pants, and books to make your playtime special. I will assume whichever role you choose (e.g. mommy, auntie, babysitter, governess, nanny, teacher, nurse, etc.). These scenes can be gentle or strict. It is your choice. Sessions are completely customized.

Water Sports

All manner of piss play, water games, and liquid delights tickle my fancy.

Golden Showers / Golden Cocktails

Golden showers (urolagnia, urine) and golden cocktails are enterprises with which I like to get creative. A humiliating bottle of my pee, little one? Perhaps I will pee in your diaper, then make you wear it.

Throne of Humiliation

There is a wonderful piece of furniture in my dungeon that I call my throne of humiliation. It speaks for itself.

Bladder Desperation / Panty Wetting / Omorashi

I find amusement in forcing copious amounts of liquids into your system, then giggling while I watch you try to hold it, using every muscle at your disposal. I love watching as the shadow of your accident grows outward from your pisshole into your underpants, panties, clothing, or diaper. Wetness indicator, anyone?

Enemas / Klismaphilia

As the hostess and organizer of Chicago E-fest, a yearly enema fetish convention, I guess you could say that I am an expert in the field of enema play. I am internationally known as the "Empress of Enemas." My enema recipe box overflows (no pun intended) with formulas ranging from soothing restorative mixtures to excruciatingly painful concoctions. I engage in enema and colonic play of all sorts, including retention, punishment, cleansing, and lavage. Whether you seek a home-style, comforting colon cleanse with a mild solution while my soft, sensual voice encourages you or an agonizing course of large volume forced enemas, I am your best choice for an incredible enema fetish experience. You must see my vast, carefully curated collection of bottles, bulbs, syringes, bags, hoses, and nozzles, including inflatables and vintage equipment.

Genital Play

I love to control, tease, and torment male anatomy.

Chastity / Chastity Bondage

How emasculating to be forced to refrain from touching yourself or engaging in pleasures of the flesh. Impoverished of sexual release, in total long-term denial you must feel completely debilitated. It is for your own good, though. That chastity device you wear allows you to focus on more important things, like how to please your mistress, excel at work, maintain good health and fitness, and manage your finances. As your key-holder, I shall administer your chastity. Keeping you chaste is no small responsibility and I take it very seriously. You will not be allowed any lascivious behavior on my watch! I am the key holder of many chastity cages. I offer this service locally and long distance. If you find yourself spending too much time fiddling with your wiener, my behavior modification methods are the answer. There is always room for improvement.

Chastity Devices / CB2000 / CB3000 / CB6000 / The Curve / ExoBelt V1 / Bird Cage / Stainless Steel / Holy Trainer / Cell Mate / And Many More

I possess a variety of devices to keep you chaste, including app controlled devices, chastity belts, cock and ball rope bondage, and cock cage chastity devices made of leather and stainless steel, silicone, medical grade polycarbonate, HDPE, PETG, and solid stainless steel. However, the most powerful tool I possess is my powerful mind. I shall curb your urges and ensure your chastity through forceful mental control.

Castration Fantasy

Your testicles have caused you nothing but heartache. They drive your senseless libido and distract you from worthy pursuits. They cloud your judgment. Why not just get rid of them? As your emasculatrix, I will use my burdizzo or elastrator to end your suffering. Once you are turned into a eunuch, you will find it easier to focus on the important things in life, like pleasing your mistress. For those seriously considering chemical castration, like Depo-Provera, know that I am here to coach you through your transition via live, telephone, cam, and e-mail sessions. I am not a health practitioner, so I cannot give you medical advice. Nevertheless, I can still enjoy my evil mind-fuck games about your decision.

CBT / CBB / Cock And Ball Torture / Cock And Ball Bondage

Cock and ball torture is a rather iconic item on a dominatrix's menu. I take it to the next level. While I entertain the old standbys like clothespins, slapping, squeezing, and wax, I prefer more creative and complex activities such as electro-stimulation, flogging, urethral play, stretchers, parachutes, piercing, weights, humblers, rings, cuffs, cages, and the like. I possess the finesse to perform CBT in varying degrees from the most erotic sensation to the most painful experience. I like cock and ball bondage, too. I use a variety of gear to restrain a man's meat and potatoes.


Hitting below the belt isn't fair, right? Who says I play fair? A groin attack is just what you need to modify your behavior and keep you in line. A low blow will teach you a lesson that you won't soon forget. Groin kicking (tamakeri) is such a stress-reliever for me. I find, when I am tense, it is just the thing to loosen me up, especially if I wear my steel-toe boots, so I can delight in watching you double over in pain. Perhaps, I will put on my brass knuckles or boxing gloves and punch your nuts until you vomit. I will turn on a little Tchaikovsky for some appropriate background music (clever boys will get this reference).

Cock Stuffing

Urethral sounds, stiletto heels, penis plugs, fingers, and other objects are a fun way to torment your prick. I love fucking pissholes.

Clothing Fetishism / Garment Fetishism

I truly understand the allure of certain fabrics, articles of clothing, gender expressive attire, and fashion styles. I know that it is not always just visual appeal that excites a clothing fetishist. Often the attraction has an olfactory, auditory, gustatory, or tactile dimension.

Corsets / Waist Cinchers

I am obsessed with corsets and waist cinchers. I have PVC (vinyl), leather, Latex (rubber), and fabric corsets by the gazillions. I love the way they cinch in my waist and push up my humongous natural breasts, giving me an exaggerated hourglass figure. I have another collection of corsets, specifically assembled for my sissies, including locking corsets to prevent removal and tight-lacing corsets to modify curves. I often place a sissy on a corset regimen that includes a sleeping corset worn every night. I love to modify a sissy's waistline in order to achieve a more feminine figure. I enthusiastically use corsets on men and sissies as a form of punishment or restriction. I am obsessed with corsetry.


I have an intense leather fetish. I think it started in childhood with the scents, textures, and sounds of the tack room, the creaky squeaking as leather moves, the feel of it against your skin, the heady aroma, all delightful. My collection of leather bondage items includes corsets, belts, armbinders, cuffs, collars, straps, mitts, leashes, body harnesses, CBB implements, hoods, laces, chastity belts, cock cages, head harnesses, muzzles, gags, posture collars, straitjackets, body bags, and sleep sacks. My torture instruments include leather vampire gloves, CBT devices, and dozens of corporal punishment implements, like floggers, paddles, strops, crops, and whips. My leather wardrobe is astounding and includes pants, skirts, dresses, hats, gloves, ties, boots, shoes, belts, corsets, chaps, bustiers, and much more. I enjoy leather bondage, leather worship, and leather tease.

Latex / Rubber

I am a rubber aficionado, a rubberist, with a strong Latex fetish. My Latex bondage collection includes a vacuum bed, vacuum suit, straitjackets, sleep sacks, straps, sheeting, mitts, inflatable gags, inflatable blindfolds, hoods, gas masks, rebreathers, cuffs, collars, gags, inflatables, and much more. For masochistic souls into Latex, I have many rubber CBT items, as well as corporal punishment tools, like floggers, whips, and paddles. I have a ton of crossdressing stuff in Latex, including thigh high boots, girdles, garter belts, corsets, and countless other items. I adore my rubber dolls, rubber maids, and rubber adult babies. My personal Latex wardrobe includes nurse uniforms with matching caps, a military uniform with matching hat, lingerie, opera length gloves, wrist length gloves, long fingerless gloves, skirts, dresses, tank tops, shrugs, thigh high boots, corsets, and stockings. I enjoy poking, teasing, and prodding, while wearing my Latex exam gloves. I enjoy heavy rubber fantasies, rubber bondage, inflatables play, mummification, rubber worship, and rubber tease.

PVC / Vinyl

My bondage collection includes vinyl cuffs and collars. My crossdressing closet has lots of vinyl clothing up to size 8X. My personal wardrobe is full of PVC items, like boots, dresses, leggings, skirts, jackets, gloves, uniforms, and much more. My first fetish outfit was vinyl, so it holds a special place in my heart. I enjoy PVC bondage, adoration, and tease. I have a lovely PVC hobble skirt that I adore putting on a sissy, so I can watch her awkwardly trying to walk in it.


I love the stretchy feeling of Spandex. My bondage collection includes Spandex body bags and hoods. My crossdressing hoard includes tons of Spandex for you to wear. I have many Spandex pieces I can wear during our session. It looks lovely hugging my curves. I enjoy Spandex bondage, worship, and tease.


I am Venus in furs. My bondage collection includes fur mitts, and fur-lined cuffs and collars. My crossdressing closet contains a Canadian squirrel stole and a mink jacket for you to wear. I have a rather large collection of fur items, including a sheared beaver blanket, rabbit-trimmed white sandals, fox-trimmed fingerless knit gloves, beaver earmuffs, rabbit earmuffs, fox earmuffs, a three-quarter length brown beaver coat, blue and blue frost fox flings, a full-length black mink coat with a black fox tuxedo collar, a blue fox wrap, a black leather jacket with a crystal fox collar, a nylon coat with a fox collar, a sheared black mink 3/4 length coat with chinchilla collar and cuffs, a blue fox jacket, and much more. I am very fond of fur bondage, worship, and tease. Before you come for me regarding the ethics of animal fur, you should know that what you think of me is none of my business.


Who wouldn't appreciate my buxom chest accentuated by a tight sweater, especially one made of Angora or cashmere? I enjoy sweater adoration and tease. My tits look great in a tight sweater.


My glove wardrobe is beyond extensive. It consists of gloves in every style, length, and material you can imagine, including fingerless, shoulder length, leather, satin, lace, fishnet, knit, fur, vinyl, rubber, and much more.


I love to wear various lengths of socks, including ankle-high, knee-high, and thigh-high. I find sock fetishists are very specific in their preferences, but it seems one commonality is the desire for a sock job. Yikes! Some men even become aroused by smelly socks. Unfortunately, try as I may, I've never been able to get foot odor. If stinky feet are your gig, you will have to look elsewhere, because mine smell like heaven. I enjoy sock worship and tease.

Leg Warmers

Leg warmers are one of my favorite fashion statements. I enjoy leg warmer worship and tease. I am old enough to remember the leg warmer craze in the late 70s and 80s.

Vintage Lingerie

I am an avid collector of vintage lingerie. I even enjoy some reproduction pieces. My vast collection includes open-bottom girdles, panty girdles, cone bras, bullet bras, nursing bras, bustiers, one-piece shapers, camisoles, corsets, bloomers, long-leg shapers and girdles, seamed stockings and fishnets, long-line bras, corselets, basques, tap pants, garter belts, pantyhose, support hose, RHT stockings, and full-fashioned stockings, including Cuban and French heels. I have many vintage pieces in my crossdressing closet for naughty boys who want to look like girls. I enjoy lingerie and stocking bondage, adoration, and tease.

Miscellaneous Clothing

No matter what your clothing fetish is, I can accommodate it, whether you wish to wear it, you would like me to wear it, or both. I welcome clothing fetishists of any ilk, including those into corsets, uniforms, hats, costumes, denim jeans, open-bottom girdles, hosiery, pantyhose, vintage lingerie, gloves, lace, silk, and anything else you like.


Pick your poison. Do you prefer Latex, PVC, fabric, suede, matte leather, Spandex, or patent leather? I have ankle length to crotch-high boots in every color imaginable. I even have boots, up to size 18, for my naughty boys to wear. I enjoy boot bondage, worship, and tease.


I am the Imelda Marcos of mistresses. I have several hundred pairs of shoes in every color, style, and material you can imagine. You name it and I have it, including single soles, stilettos, platforms, athletics, pumps, sandals, shooties, slippers, flats, everything from Keds Oxfords to 12" fetish heels. I love collecting and wearing shoes. I enjoy shoe bondage, as well as shoe and heel worship and tease. One of my favorite teasing methods is shoe dangling. If you long for the visual of my shoe dangling from my foot, my cute toes hidden, my sexy arch and pretty heel visible, then you will love me. My crossdressing room contains numerous styles of shoes for sissies all the way up to size 18. I love to choose a pair from the endless sissy room shoe racks, put them on a sissy, then use a shoe bondage device to force the sissy to keep them on and walk in them.

Body Worship

I understand your desire to grovel at my feet. When you beg for my attention, I feel your genuine need to worship me. Body worship is an earned privilege and must be done respectfully with my hard limits in mind. My body worship hard limits are that I allow it only below the knees and elbows.

Leg Fetish / Leg Worship

I have an extensive selection of hosiery consisting of everything you can imagine. I will wear your request, if you ask nicely. If you prefer bare legs, that is fine too. If you are a good boy, you may worship my hosiery clad or bare legs, but only below my knees. I have a great set of gams that are toned, soft, and smooth.

Foot Fetish / Foot Worship

I adore every aspect of foot fetish and worship. I engage in ordinary, run of the mill foot fetish, as well as some of the more obscure variations, like pedal pumping. Watch my feet work the pedals of my car or bicycle, until your little man perks up. Whether I am wearing hosiery or my feet are bare, you will adore my size 9, perfectly pedicured, silky soft feet. I get weekly pedicures, which is highly unusual. Most women get monthly pedicures. I simply adore having my feet pampered, until they are as soft as peach skin, so I indulge in weekly visits to my pedicurist. If you wish to accompany me to one of my pedicure appointments, you are more than welcome, as long as you foot the bill (no pun intended). I would love to watch you drool, as you watch my pedicurist tend to my feet. You will be in awe, when you gaze upon my gorgeous feet. As for foot worship, I cannot stress enough my love of foot massages. Imagine the privilege of kneading my foot flesh with your hands.

Hair Fetish / Hair Worship

I sport long vibrantly red hair that smells freshly fragrant and feels silky soft. It reaches down to my lower back. Would you like to brush or wash it? Maybe, you'd like to just stare at it, wondering from afar how it would feel trailing against your bare skin. Perhaps, you long to be a hair slave, responsible for taking me to the hair salon to experience the privilege of paying for my beautician's services.

Fingernail Fetish / Fingernail Worship

My long, razor sharp, painted nails thrill you as I taunt you with them, showing them to you, not allowing you to touch them. You beg, pleading with me to allow you to worship them, even just to touch them. You must earn that privilege. Perhaps, you will score points by taking me to my nail technician and paying her to manicure my lovely natural nails, watching as she files and paints, your cock hardening in your pants as she pampers me.

Humiliation / Degradation

I thoroughly enjoy verbally and physically humiliating and degrading men and sissies both in private and public. I am a creative humiliatrix. I find erotic humiliation interesting. Degrading someone just to degrade them isn't my cup of tea. I find that boring. My thrills come from getting inside your head and discovering what you truly need. If I am going to demean someone, it is only because it stimulates them in exciting ways. On the surface humiliation and degradation seem deleterious to one's psyche. Under ordinary circumstances that is true, but in the context of a power exchange it can serve as a reminder of who is in charge and the superior being. You will come to crave my ridicule and yearn for my derision as I mock everything about you, both your physical attributes and your emotional maturity.

Verbal Humiliation

Men find my insults and abuse to be both belittling and exciting. It is important for them to know their place in society, particularly in my presence. They relish the humiliation of being treated like a mindless twit and being constantly berated by me.

Verbal Diaper Humiliation

I constantly verbally remind my ward that he is wearing diapers, and how very sad that is, since he is a grown man. When in public, I am very loud during diaper checks and changes. It is important for those around us to know about my charge's pathetic predicament. If his diaper is wet, I very loudly declare that his diaper is soaking wet. During changes I often remind the diaper wearer just how silly and ridiculous his quandary is.

Small Penis Humiliation

That little pecker must be such a depressing matter for you. I have seen some micro penises in my time, but yours is ridiculously miniscule. How do you even manage to masturbate? Do you use tweezers or just rub it like a woman rubs her clitoris? How inadequate you must feel. Poor souls like you, the extremely underendowed, must resign themselves to a life of oral and anal servitude, since you could never penetrate anyone with that tiny wiggle worm. Inadequacy is your lot in life, so just accept it. I will be sure to often remind you of your need to accept your shortcomings.

Race Play / Ethnic Play

Most dominatrices shy away from race and ethnic play. I relish it, because I know it is all done in fun, for the sake of arousal. I get quite creative with racial slurs and love to taunt. I am an equal opportunity bigot. I invite every Cracker, Nigger, Chink, Slope, Injun, Nip, Rag Head, Beaner, Portagee, Russkie, Uncle Tom, Camel Jockey, Dago, Dink, Eskimo, Flip, Ginger, Gook, Gypsy, Hymie, Kraut, Limey, Honky, Mick, Paki, Polack, Mulatto and Half-Breed bastard to my realm to be taken down a peg or two.

Physical Humiliation

What menial tasks can I force you to perform? My imagination is limitless. Perhaps, you shall scrub my toilet while wearing the bowl brush gag. How about a thorough cleansing of the dungeon floor using a toothbrush? How embarrassing it must be for you to have to prostrate yourself in front of me, always follow at least one pace behind me, and only speak when spoken to. What if I were to fart in your face or piss on you? You would get a good slap in the face, if you didn't comply! I am an extraordinary micro-manager who will dictate your every move, including when you may touch yourself, if at all, and when you may release, if you are ever allowed. Be careful what you reveal to me, because I may blackmail you, if I feel that would suit your needs.

Physical Diaper Humiliation

Having to sit and stew in a wet diaper is not only uncomfortable, but it is also embarrassing. I often put him in multiple booster pads and diapers, so thickly padded that it is unmistakable that he is wearing a diaper. I love to use so many diapers that it forces him to waddle. I am very demonstrative during diaper checks, especially in public. I pull out my ward's waistband and look down into his diaper in a very exaggerated manner. I want those within sight to know exactly what I am doing and that he is wearing a diaper that is possibly soaking wet. When in public, I make sure that his diaper is sticking up out of his pants for all to see and I carry a diaper bag with an ABDL diaper sticking out of it. In public I will always have a pacifier in his mouth and clipped to his shirt. I will push him in a stroller for everyone to see, possibly holding a bottle, sippy cup, or stuffed animal.

Clothed Female Naked Male / CFNM

How embarrassing for you to be nude, while I remain fully clothed. You would like to see my body, wouldn't you? Well, tough, because it won't happen. However, I can see every bit of yours. You don't have any secrets from me.

Cuckold Fantasy

You are not man enough to satisfy me, your unfaithful wife, cheating girlfriend, or wandering mistress. Therefore, I seek out men, particularly horse-hung black bulls to fulfill my needs. Of course, you will be forced to watch as they pleasure me, something you can never do. You may even be forced to fluff them, as that sort of work is beneath me. After the bulls cum, you will be forced to work clean-up duty, using only your tongue. You are not worthy to cum, only to act as a jizz rag and fluffer while you suffer the humiliation of watching a real man pleasure me. Your celibacy will only be broken upon my command, when your ass cunt is offered up to my bull. You will accept the humiliation with which your cuckoldress debases you.

Objectification / Commodification / Dehumanization / Depersonalization

Often, my pleasure is derived by using men for utilitarian purposes, viewing them as a commodity, devoid of personality and dignity.

Pet Play

Sometimes the most cathartic thing you can do is to escape your reality and become something else. Pet play accomplishes just that. I immensely enjoy pet play. Training a submissive pet is always rewarding. Heaping praise and reassurance upon an obedient pet is as fun for me as it is for you.

Pony Play

I am an equestrian trainer. I ride and drive. My bondage collection includes a pony tail butt plug, bridle, bit gag, pony bit, complete harness including plume and hooves, cart, saddle, and assorted riding crops, bats, and whips. I love human ponies. Giddyup!

Puppy Play

I love my puppies. Roll over. Now sit. Beg. Paw. I am an expert dog trainer. I have some kibble in your favorite doggie dish, if you are a good little puppy. Now, fetch this bone for me. Cage training is one of my specialties. If you bark too much, I'll have to put the shock collar on you. It is important that you are house-trained, so I will have to paper train you. If you have an accident, I will whack you on your nose with a rolled-up newspaper. I have a dog bone gag, puppy tail, puppy hoods, collars, leashes, and puppy mitts to accessorize you. I have dog cages, a shock collar, canine dildos, and dog whips to keep you in check.

Kitten Play

Here, Kitty, Kitty. Come play with the ball of yarn I am dangling in front of you to tease you. I hope you don't get tangled up in it. A bound kitten is a vulnerable kitty.

Human Furniture / Forniphilia

Imagine serving as my footstool, an excellent ottoman for my pretty feet. I have transformed men into toilets, tables, lamps, Christmas trees, buffets (including Nyotaimori), chairs, candles, coat hooks, statues, and mannequins. I find using a person in a utilitarian way enhances my pleasure and teaches the person a lesson in humility and usefulness.

Human Ashtray

While I am a non-smoker, I often get turned on by the idea of smoking. I find it to be a very sensual activity that makes me feel even more dominant than usual. When I indulge in this most obvious of oral fixations, I require an ashtray. I prefer to tip my ash and grind out my butt into a man's mouth. I enjoy using human ashtrays. I do it without a device or with the ashtray attachment fastened to my Humiliator Gag. If you opt to be a true human ashtray, keep your tongue wet, and you will have no trouble swallowing my ash and butts.

Power Exchange

You know that you want to give me the authority to rule over your body and mind. You want to let go more than anything in the world. You want me to push your limits, explore the recesses of your mind, and control your every move and thought. I want that too. Give control to me. Submit.


You long to submit to my power by allowing me to take charge over you. You yearn to feel my collar rubbing against your neck, a symbol of my jurisdiction over you. I have license to command you to do my bidding, suffer my whims, and serve me in any capacity I warrant. My sessions vary from sensual domination to the most sadistic control, according to your limits, needs, and desires. We set boundaries. Whatever tack I take, you will cower and acknowledge my supremacy. You will appreciate the direction in which I take you, and understand that it is my prerogative to use you as I see fit. You will admire my physical and emotional strength and recognize my ability to establish order. I am jailer, judge, and jury in my dominion. My expertise will astound you. My mastery will excite you.

Submissive Training

Over two decades of professional domination and fetish work have taught me many valuable lessons. I am skillful and effective at submissive training, including proper protocol for Dominatrix and submissive interaction, lessons on how to address and speak to your dominant, training in all physical positions that you must know in order to submit to your dominant's desires, and teaching you the psychology of accepting your dominant's control over you and relinquishing your power to her. There is joy in being a good submissive, and I will show you that.

Slave Training

As a thirty year veteran of the D/s lifestyle, I am adept and efficient at slave training, including proper protocol for mistress and slave interaction, lessons on how to address and speak to your mistress, training in all required physical presentation positions, and teaching you the psychology of pleasing for the sake of pleasing, rather than to gain physical, sexual, or emotional gratification for yourself. Asking my permission to make even the slightest move will become second nature to you. There is an art to being a good slave, and I will teach you that.


As a disciplinarian, I institute a series of rules that include proper protocol, correct behavior, and specific directives. Violations of these rules result in penalties, which may include humiliation, corporal punishment, privilege loss, or freedom restriction, depending on the severity of the infraction.

Petticoat Discipline / Petticoating / Pinaforing / Pinafore Eroticism

I find the taming of bad boys is best accomplished by turning them into good girls. Forcibly dressing boys in girly clothes and instructing them in girlish mannerisms and behaviors can do wonders to curb their naughtiness. Strict enforcement of appropriate petticoat discipline is what many men need in order to overcome their unruly nature. While men may initially be hesitant to wear frills, ruffles, layers of tulle, lace, and silky fabrics, they eventually realize petticoat discipline is in their best interest.

Virtuous Discipline

Unwavering devotion is, perhaps, one of the most difficult challenges of self-discipline. I adhere to the strictest moral codes. I expect others to do the same. Refraining from swearing, lying, cheating, stealing, pleasures of the flesh, and worse is not easy, which is why I assign exercises to bolster moral fortitude, including, but not limited to, fasting, meditative introspection, and positive affirmation mantras. If I sense something is amiss, I make it my mission to extract a confession. Once I hear the admission, I assign penance.

Domestic Discipline

A happy household is one in which someone takes charge of the domestication of its members. It is imperative that the authority figure is female, which is the superior gender. I lay down edicts with guidelines for etiquette, decorum, chore responsibilities, and so forth. In a FLR, rules are necessary to operate a tidy, well-run home. My directives are law. Nonobservance of my orders is dealt with swiftly. I make a lasting impression, so as to encourage future attention to detail and absolute obedience.

Parental Discipline

Parents are responsible for instilling self-discipline in their offspring. Setting clearly-stated, strict rules is of the utmost importance, when establishing personal discipline.


The three main categories of bondage are compression, suspension, and extension.

Suspension Bondage

I enjoy vertical, horizontal, and inverted suspension bondage. Imagine him completely restrained off the ground, dangling helplessly in the air. He is in a leather body harness hanging at my mercy, or maybe hanging upside down by ankle suspension cuffs. The possibilities are endless with my elaborate full suspension system. I have both automatic electric and manual pulleys to provide a variety of suspension sensations. I also have horizontal suspension in the form of a leather sling hanging from a metal frame. I often use elaborate rope rigging to suspend.

Predicament Bondage

If he stays still, he is very uncomfortable. If he shifts, he is even more uncomfortable. How very unpleasant. I love creating unusual bondage predicaments to vex him. I often incorporate extension bondage into predicament bondage situations. Remaining spread eagle can cause muscle fatigue and cramps. Bringing his arms and legs together to relieve that pain may just cause an even more painful reaction from the rigging on his genitals.

Encasement / Mummification / Compression Bondage

Imagine being completely restrained within the confines of elastic bandages, pallet wrap, cling film, casting materials, a body bag, a Latex vacuum bed, a sleep sack, duct tape, a straitjacket (canvas, leather, vegan leather, rubber), or another of my devious devices. I love using tight-lacing corsets to bind torsos and chastity cages to encase cocks.

Cage Bondage

I have a wooden sleeping cage for extended caging sessions. I have two dog cages, as well, one metal and one wooden. I often use cage bondage during puppy and kitten training sessions. Caging may be used alone or in combination with other bondage techniques.

Rope Bondage

I am considered a nawashi, which is a nawa shibari expert. I studied kinbaku under a Japanese master who was a student of Ito Seiu. I practice true shibari sokubaku, which uses no knots. I am adept at both partial and full suspension techniques using this art form. Occasionally, I will use one or two knots, but I prefer Kinbaku in its purest form. I have traditional bamboo poles to create many of the loveliest shibari positions. Not only am I an expert at Japanese rope bondage, but I am also very proficient at western style rope bondage, especially hogtie positions and rope dresses.

Torture Bondage

Some bondage is intended to just restrain you. Torture bondage is meant to restrain you, while inflicting immense pain.

Purpose Bondage

I often bind someone in a position that is ideal for a certain activity. I may bend someone over a spanking bench, so their ass is high in the air, ready for a pounding or spanking.

Bondage Furniture

My play space contains a jougs, pillory, stocks, leather sling, queening box, smothering box, spanking bench with stocks, mechanical spanking bench, St Andrew's cross, CBT/bondage chair, bondage bench, cages, lacing table, rack, toilet chair, worship chair, antique embalming table, church kneeler, medical exam table, hospital bed, adult baby crib, adult baby highchair, student desk, and much more. All of these can be used for bondage.

Bondage Gear / Gags / Hoods

You'll find many bondage tools in my arsenal, including gags, hoods, masks, collars, cuffs, belts, cable ties, rubber bands, silk scarves, chains, pallet wrap, thumb cuffs, plastic wrap, bandages, medical restraints, cervical collars, handcuffs, shackles, posture collars, splints, casting plaster, binders, rope, harnesses, straps, body bags, straitjackets, mitts, body bags, sleep sacks, and much more.

Sensory Deprivation / Blindfolds

There is no better way for me to take control and for him to enter subspace than for me to deprive him of his senses. I have blindfolds in Latex rubber, leather, cloth, canvas, silk, PVC vinyl, and foam. I sometimes go beyond a mere blindfold. I utilize many devices to block out reality, including earmuffs, ear plugs, nostril clips, hoods, and more.

Medical Fetish

I am considered one of the foremost MedFet experts in the world (Nurse Madeline). My medical fetish facility, Kinky Klinik, is unparalleled. I have no limits with this kind of play and it is truly one of my favorites. My MedFet sessions run the gamut from soft and sensual Florence Nightingale type offerings all the way through the spectrum to a bout with a cruel Nurse Ratched sort of caretaker. Sessions are always performed in a sanitary environment, using aseptic methods with the latest high-tech equipment, as well as vintage tools. Everything is either disposable or sterilized in an autoclave or using another widely accepted sterilization method. I am CPR certified and trained in basic first aid. It is important to note that I am not a medical professional and, therefore, sessions are purely for entertainment purposes.


I am adept at both suction cupping and fire cupping. This game leaves marks, so it is only for those who can have temporary marks on their bodies. Be aware that extreme cupping leads to blisters, which will pop and scab over.


I love to manipulate flesh through the use of a vacuum pump and various cylinders, such as penis and nipples.

Needles / Play Piercing / Saline Infusions / Injections / Suturing

Play piercing, hypodermic injections, blood draws (phlebotomy), infibulation (suturing of scrotum to resemble vagina), saline infusions to create inflation, elaborate needle designs, cell popping, and butterfly board work are all thrilling to me.

Urethra Work

Urethral sounding is great fun. I love to gently or roughly do this sort of play. My collection includes two different lengths of vibrating stainless steel sounds, electric sounds, and a variety of full sets of stainless steel urethral sounds and uterine dilators (Dittel, Clutton, Lister, Le Fort, Van Buren, Bakes Rosebud, Pratt, Sims, Hegar). I am confident saying that I have more sounds than any other dominatrix. I always use sterile, single use lubricant and autoclaved sounds during play. You will be cleaned with iodine prior to insertion.

Bladder Play / Catheterization

Catheterization and bladder flushing (irrigation or instillation with up to 30cc of sterile water) are among my favorite activities. I stock every size of male and female catheter, including external (Texas) catheters in small, medium, and large. I carry Foley catheters in both 5cc and 30cc balloon capacities in every size from 10 Fr to 30 Fr. I always have three-way catheters and sterile water on hand for bladder flushing. To contain drainage from a catheter, I have a reusable bottle, leg bags, and bedside bags. Sometimes, I hook a tube up to the catheter and run it into my patient's mouth, so my subject can taste the sweet nectar that drains from their bladder. I also have a hair-raising electro catheter.

Prostate Milking

One must maintain prostate health while enduring spoiled orgasms. The easiest way to ensure this is through massage of the male P-spot to achieve excretion of seminal fluid without orgasm. An intimate examination whilst you are bent over a table will allow me to determine the extent of your needs. One exam glove, a bit of lubricant, and my vast expertise is all that is needed to alleviate your symptoms.


As the hostess and organizer of Chicago E-fest, a yearly enema fetish convention, I guess you could say that I am an expert in the field of enema play. I am internationally known as the "Empress of Enemas." My enema recipe box overflows (no pun intended) with formulas ranging from soothing restorative mixtures to excruciatingly painful concoctions. I engage in enema and colonic play of all sorts, including retention, punishment, cleansing, and lavage. Whether you seek a home-style, comforting colon cleanse with a mild solution while my soft, sensual voice encourages you or an agonizing course of large volume forced enemas, I am your best choice for an incredible enema fetish experience. You must see my vast, carefully curated collection of bottles, bulbs, syringes, bags, hoses, and nozzles, including inflatables and vintage equipment.

Electro Play

Electricity is one of my favorite sources of torment. I enjoy it, because it can range in intensity from the most mild tickling sensation to the most severe grabbing pain. I use a variety of instruments to attain the desired effect. Whether you call it electro-torture, electro-play, electro-stimulation, or electro-torment, it all boils down to the same thing, a wild sensation.

Electro Play Equipment

I possess a wide variety of electro play equipment, including a tennis racket style bug zapper, dog shock collar, cattle prod, two TENS units complete with every available attachment, violet wand unit complete with every available attachment, MSG-MAX unit complete with every available attachment, Pleasure Tec unit complete with every available attachment, and a Tucker telephone (magneto unit). Needless to say, I am very well-equipped for electro stimulation.

Body Modification

Altering your body, having a part of it under my complete control, as it belongs to me, and I can change it as I see fit, thrills me.

Ball Stretching

Let me see how low I can get your nut bag to hang. I accomplish this through many means, including extensive training utilizing a parachute combined with weights or a series of metal rings, adding as necessary to achieve the results I desire. I also use leather devices to create the scrotum length you so desperately need.


Shaving, waxing, tweezing, clipping, threading, and other forms of hair removal often serve to make a sub more attractive, accessible, and exciting.


This extreme body modification is rarely used, but, occasionally, I find some slaves need to be marked permanently, whether to establish my ownership or to mark them as what they are. My brand is a double M.

Permanent Piercing

I find permanent erotic body piercings to be exciting and am open to exploring them with you. I have a piercer that I work with who is an expert in his field. He is a true artist.


This permanent mark can be used to signify my ownership of you (property of) or can be a beautiful art form that expresses your inner leanings.

Sadomasochistic Body Play

Pain is pleasure. Beyond the five senses. Somatosensory.

Edge Play

I have very few limits. Other than nudity, acts of prostitution, drugs, alcohol, and minors, I can think of very little in which I don't partake. In fact, I dabble in much which is off limits to most dominas. I enjoy gun play, knife play, racial play, infantilism, scat, cutting, blood baths, and many other taboo activities. Of course, I never attempt anything in which I am not skilled, and I always take safety precautions.

Sensory Play / Sensory Overload

How delightful to watch you squirm as I control your senses. I use my light and sound mind machine to control your sight and hearing, headphones to drive you crazy, various concoctions for you to taste, aromas for you to smell, and sensory devices to touch you with, like feathers, nerve wheels, ticklers, sandpaper, my fingernails, hot wax, ice, fire, vibrating toothbrushes, and more.

Cigarette Torture / Cigar Torture (With Or Without Marks)

I find cigarettes and cigars to be the perfect implement for certain torture scenarios. They effectively torment my victim, as I hold the hot cherry end as close to his skin as possible without touching, the heat searing his delicate flesh, as I laugh with sadistic delight. During interrogation scenes, I find grinding a lit butt into my suspect helps greatly to extract a confession. These torturous interviews often garner useful information with which I can blackmail you, after I gain that information by blistering your skin with my lit fag.

NT / Nipple Torture

Nipple torment or torture is amusing to me. Twisting, flicking, pinching, clamping, slapping, scratching, and tweaking is so mundane. It can be fun, but when I tire of these things, I step it up a notch with a needle, lit cigarette, suction cup, some sandpaper, vibrating nipple clamps, or other creative device.

Trampling / Human Carpet

Nothing pleases me more than pressing my feet against your pathetic face, smashing your slimy package underfoot, or standing on your chest with my full weight.

Stomping / Crushing

It is fun to stomp and crush various objects. It amuses me to watch eyes light up, as I annihilate things. Perhaps, I will play the giantess, destroying tiny male dolls and toy cars. I enjoy obliterating all sorts of things, including men. Please, note that when I engage in crush fetish, I refuse to stomp a living entity, not even an insect. I will only crush inanimate objects, like birthday cakes.

Foot Gagging

As I force my foot into his mouth to command his silence or simply to tease him, I am certain his wee Willie will straighten up, just like his attitude.

Teasing / Scratching

I tickle him by lightly tracing my nails along his skin. Goosebumps cover his body and his nipples harden as I tease him with my long fingernails. Perhaps, he is masochistic. He becomes aroused, as I scratch the living daylights out of him, leaving trails of scratches and little droplets of blood. I see his boner developing and realize he wants more. He is a sick little pain pig. I dig my long, sharp nails in deeper, leaving bloody gashes that will take weeks to heal.


While in one of my sadistic moods, I often indulge in pushing around the weaker sex, engaging in such fun and stress-relieving activities as face-slapping, choking, hair-pulling, pinching, kicking, punching, shoving, and name-calling. It's good to be the queen.

Face Slapping

He smarts off to me, and I give him the back of my hand or my palm across his face.

Hot Wax / Clothespins / Fire

I enjoy body play while using a variety of items, particularly in a bondage scene. I love driving men wild by dripping hot wax on them, lighting them on fire (controlled), clipping them with various size clothespins, and playing other body play games.

Tickle Fetish

I am adept at tickle torture. I know how to use my razor sharp fingernails and soft fingertips to tease and torment you until you beg for more, laughing and giggling until you feel faint. I also know how to gouge into you, driving you crazy with my tickling talent, until you cry like a baby and wet yourself.


Penetration is the ultimate act of control.


Bottoms up!


A fresh piece of ginger can do wonders for your morale.


I believe not only in recycling, but also in reusing.


Whether very small or eye-poppingly gigantic, I love showing off my cock. I have a thigh/boot harness, as well as a traditional hip harness. Dildos-a-plenty!

Erotic Asphyxiation / Breath Control Play / Breath Play

Calling all gaspers, rebreathers, and asphyxiophilics. This sort of play is extremely dangerous, so great care must be taken to play with someone who is sober, experienced, and safe, like me. I love the surge of excitement I feel while controlling his air intake through the use of choking, rebreathers, hoods with tubes, plastic bags, gas masks, nose clips, duct tape, and my hands. He will squirm and whine, as he feels more and more helpless, as his oxygen runs out.

Smothering / Face Sitting

I have a very large ass that completely covers his face, while I sit astride him wearing my fragrant panties, using his head as a chair. He smells my ass and pussy as he gasps for air. When I allow my full weight to press down upon his face, he is unable to breathe. I giggle as I watch his legs kick and his cock stiffen as he fights for air. I wiggle with delight listening to his moans of vulnerability as I control his air intake using my massive weight to cut off his oxygen.

Miscellaneous Fetishes

I engage in too many fetishes to list here. It would take a century to record them all. Here are a few favorites for your consideration.

Vore / Vorarephilia / Cannibal Fetish / Dolcett / Guro

Are you a sick fuck? Do you enjoy websites like Muki's Kitchen? I have fun exploring cannibal fetish and related fantasies. I am a ravenous man-eater who enjoys placing my victims in bondage, making them a lord-in-peril, then eating them. If you fap to the idea of a strong female cooking you in a stew pot or roasting you on a spit, then we'll have loads of fun.

WAM / Wet And Messy / Sploshing

Wet and messy is one of my favorite fetishes. I love creative play like soaking someone in the shower while they are clothed, throwing pies in their face, dripping oil on them, dousing them in goop, and covering them in pudding, whipped cream, baked beans, and other messy concoctions.

Food Play

Sitophilia can be oodles of fun. I get into all aspects of this fetish, including sitting in food. I also like allowing fetishists to eat food off of me, like peanut butter off my heel, cheese off my glove, and even birthday cake off my shoes.

Balloon Fetish / Inflatables Fetish

Does the idea of balloons or other inflatables excite you? Are you an avid looner? I completely understand your fascination. You find it arousing to watch me inflate the item, whether it is a balloon, tire, inner tube, beach ball, or pool toy. Maybe, you long to see me bouncing around as I ride a hopping ball. Perhaps, you dream of a session where I squeeze balloons, sometimes until they explode. My razor sharp fingernails are perfect for popping balloons. I gouge the balloon until it explodes in your face.

Cigarette Smoking Fetish / Forced Inhalation / Forced Nicotine Addiction

Even though I am a non-smoker, I thoroughly enjoy these fetishes. I understand adoration of a dominant female smoking a cigarette. You love to watch her engage in her oral fixation. Your attention is focused on the curls of smoke escaping from her lips, her long, brightly-painted fingernails wrapped around the butt, the sound as she inhales deeply then exhales sweet smoke into your face, the aroma of her breath mixed with the cigarette smoke finding its way up your nostrils. Sometimes, I wear long opera gloves and use an antique French cigarette holder as any elegant lady would. Watch, listen, and smell as I French-inhale minty smoke from my menthol cigarette, spicy smoke from my clove cigarette, or feminine smoke from my slim cigarette. Wear this box of patches all at once, my dear. I will addict you to nicotine in short order.

Cigar Smoking Fetish

You love to watch as I pull my cigar from my humidor, cut off the cap with my guillotine, roast it with my wooden match, then rotate and puff it. Sometimes I wear a Latex military uniform and an authentic East German police hat, while I authoritatively puff on my cigar before drilling you.


Sometimes punishment is warranted. He should behave or else feel my wrath.

Corporal Punishment / Spanking / Paddling / Whipping / Caning / Flogging

I am vastly experienced in the art of CP. While respecting my bottom's limits, I always seek to test and stretch them. CP can be used to sensually excite a bottom who eroticizes pain, or it can be used to castigate a bottom who misbehaved. A prime example of this is an over the knee spanking. What more erotic thing could one experience than the gradual build up as I increase the strength of my swats from gentle to firm to reddening? By the same token, a punishment OTK spanking can be a sudden, blistering event that leaves you unable to sit for a week. I provide all forms of corporal punishment, including spanking, cropping, paddling, whipping, caning, flogging, belting, slippering, beating, switching, slapping, and strapping.

Petticoat Punishment

Sissies require a singular form of correction. I find the taming of bad boys is best accomplished by turning them into good girls. Forcibly dressing them in girlish clothes and punishing them for bad behavior by means of spanking, restraint, and scolding will ameliorate their immature and troublesome conduct. It may be humiliating to be displayed nude in front of my discerning and critical eyes, but they will look adorable once dressed in a frilly pink satin baby doll dress with dozens of layers of tulle underneath, carrying a dolly, wearing a ringlet wig, with a peenie petal dangling from their lollipop, and jingle bells tinkling around their tiny jewels. They will be getting what they deserve. If they keep misbehaving, I will put them over my knee, stick a sucker in their hole, and spank their sweet little bottom, until they can't sit down for a week.

Corporal Punishment Tools

I prefer to vary corporal punishments, so I don't grow bored. Among my favorite methods are flogging, belting, whipping, caning, slippering, switching, birching, cropping, beating, spanking, slapping, and paddling. My implements are too numerous to fully mention here. My collection includes, but is not limited to, switches, rods, riding crops, slippers, rulers, quirts, spanking gloves, birch bundles, nettles, slappers, wooden spoons, hairbrushes, carpet beaters, tennis rackets, ping pong paddles, canes, paddles, tawses, whips, floggers, martinets, belts, prison straps, strops, knouts, sjamboks, scourges, flails, single tails, and cat o' nine tails. I have tools in all materials, including wood, leather, acrylic, rubber, rope, Lexan, Delrin, and metal.


Corporal punishment to the soles of feet is known as bastinado. I often employ this method of punishment, if one has displeased me by standing instead of kneeling before me, walking away from me without being dismissed, or not walking far enough behind me, which should be at least one pace. After receiving their comeuppance, these violators never commit these infractions again, thus proving the power of punishment and negative reinforcement.

Judicial Punishment

Judge Madeline presides. She pounds her gavel, finds you guilty, and sentences you to the full extent of the law, her law. You head to Wankerville Penitentiary where you meet the warden, Warden Madeline! At my discretion, you will receive all punitive measures prescribed by law. You will be punished for your crimes.

Educational Punishment

As Headmistress Madeline, I govern Morningwood Academy, an educational facility run under the highest standards. My students are expected to excel academically and follow school rules to the letter. Rule infractions, poor academic performance, and disrespect toward authority are all dealt with harsh discipline, including spanking, paddling, caning, and corner time in a dunce cap. Lesser rule violations may only require forcing the student to write one hundred times on the chalkboard or on notepaper that they will not go astray again.

Gender Play

For the past decade, I have worked closely with the LGBTI community, mainly with transgender and non-binary persons. I welcome everyone from the casual crossdresser or sissy to those in transition who seek understanding guidance and friendship.


There is something about turning men into women that consumes me. It is a passion. I understand, and I do it well, whether forced, coaxed, or gently guided, you will leave our session emotionally as high as a kite.

Forced Feminization / Gynecocracy

Occasionally, in my more sadistic and dominant mode, I've been known to force a boy into girly form. I find a corset, falsies, and some padding do the trick. They give you curves in all of the right places. A little makeup, a wig, the right lingerie and clothes, and, poof, you're my whore. Locked into your high heels and dress, you don't have much of a choice, do you? Down on your knees, so you can get me hard before I make you bend over, cunt.


I offer makeovers and crossdressing transformations. These can be done at my facility, or we can venture out into the world to a few carefully selected discreet and compassionate salons and boutiques that I work with. We can use your gear, my stuff, or incorporate the two when doing a cross-dressing scene.

Forced Bi Fantasy

You really need to be stuffed with cock to learn your place. Training via my strap-on will prepare you for your eventual position as my cock-sucking, cock-stuffing man-whore. As your madam, I will prostitute you to men for their pleasure and my profit. You will work glory holes for me. You will be a cum dump for men of my choosing. I will install you in a seedy motel room and pander your body for the pleasure of strange men. I will keep all of the money, while your only pleasure will be the acceptance of gallons of sperm into your belly and mancunt. Under my tutelage, you will learn to crave facial degradation. You will yearn for loads of hot cum spurting on your face, chest, and body. You will long for the taste of semen.


I am an extraordinary sissifier. Whether you prefer the sissy baby role or the part of a sissy maid or slut, you are hard-pressed to find a domina who will more fully complete you. I understand the joy of pink ruffles, white lace, lavender bows, and turning your wee wee into a clitty, your scrotum into labia, and your anus into a vagina.

Outings / Public Play

I offer salon visits, boutique excursions, shopping trips, and gal pal dates. All outings are discreet, safe, and fun. If you care to take a walk on the wild side, I know of a few very exciting adult bookstores with interesting holes in the walls. For a more casual date, two very friendly clubs are just minutes away from my location, so we can enjoy a drink or two and some music. I have standing invitations to a few private parties, events where you can be publicly humiliated or privately used. Of course, every outing is customized and performed within your limits.

Orgasm Control

I know that you cannot control your profane urges on your own. You give in and masturbate, don't you? Well, controlling when, where, how often, and in what manner you fiddle with yourself is one of my fortes. Your masturbatorial habits will be under my jurisdiction. I will dictate your regimen, disallowing you any free-will with regard to your lewd impulses.

Erotic Sexual Denial / Orgasm Denial / Denied Release

This gynecocracy believes in complete command of your animalistic urges. I will control your libido by whatever means I deem necessary. I use both psychological and physical methods to rule over your arousal, climax, orgasm, and ejaculation, with an emphasis on denial. Abstaining will allow you to focus your energy on pleasing me and improving your character.

Tease & Denial

Imagine your sexual frustration after being teased verbally and physically until your balls ache from the edging. Such stimulation will give you the worst case of blue balls you have ever had, as you experience a denied orgasm. Perhaps, a cold shower will help. Although, a cold shower will never erase from your memory my laughter at your dissatisfaction.

Tie & Tease

I love to bind you in restraints, so you cannot resist, as I tease you mercilessly. Perhaps, I will add a blindfold or gag to increase your feeling of helplessness and amplify the psychological effects of our scene. You will have to guess whether your orgasm will be denied, blocked, ruined, or forced.

Ruined Arousal

My domination over your carnal urges doesn't just extend to your orgasms. Should you pop a boner inappropriately, I shall destroy it. I have many devices to do so, the most powerful of them is my brain.

Ruined Orgasms / Blocked Orgasms

How thoughtless and evil of me to make your orgasm unsatisfactory, painful, or awkward. I might ruin you for life through my actions. Why do you keep returning, when you know my sadistic nature takes pleasure in torturing you psychologically and physically through manipulation of your orgasms? Do you enjoy it, when I bring up terrible topics or introduce you to awful smells right at "the moment?" Do you long for a break in physical contact right at the point of no return? Do you like it when your orgasm is never actualized, leaving you in a furious state of want? Does it feel good, when I attack your penis with one of my corporal punishment implements or my hand or foot, after you've gone over the edge? Silly boy!

Role Play

Let us pretend!

Psychodramatic Role Play

Often, sessions are more fulfilling, when a specific role play scenario is performed. Fantasy role play can enhance things, especially when one sessions frequently. I am open to all role play schemes.

Fantasy Role Play

My role play capabilities are outstanding. I am a born actress with countless scenarios from which to choose. While not inclusive, a short list would be cop/criminal, maid/butler, maid/gentleman, nurse/patient, rubber-clad mistress/rubberdoll, demanding wife/doormat husband, adulterous wife/cuckold husband, teacher/student, rider/pony, mistress/slave, goddess/worshiper, lady/maid, mommy/baby, nun/penitent, kidnapper/victim, interrogator/prisoner, boss/employee, commander/soldier, vampire/innocent, seductress/virgin, pimp/prostitute, secretary/boss, co-workers, disciplinarian/supplicant, and trainer/animal.

Ritual Role Play

If you have a penchant for the dramatic, any activities can be incorporated into ritualistic fantasy scenes (think old Hammer Horror films). One of my favorite scenarios involves me in heavy Gothic dress and dramatic scary makeup with you completely nude on the sacrificial altar, bound helplessly, while I perform a red shower with your blood (if it is within your comfort zone), chant, play Enigma in the background, and threaten to castrate you or turn you into my zombie sex slave. I can be quite creative, you know. The possibilities are limited only by our imaginations.


Costume Play is a lot of fun. I own a variety of costumes that fit me and my clients. So, whether you would like me to dress up, you to don a costume, or both of us to engage in costume play, we will have a lot of fun.


I am one of the most famous hypnotists in the world. My reputation is stellar.

Erotic Mind Control

As a dominant individual in possession of exceptional emotional strength, I find it quite easy to control the minds of weaker souls. I find I can easily coerce people into doing things that would ordinarily be out of their comfort zone. I convince them to do my bidding, whatever that may entail.

Erotic Hypnosis

Mind control is one of my fortes. I often use the principles of hypnosis to transform someone into who I wish them to be or who they need to be. The process is often cathartic for the subject of my hypnosis. I sometimes use hypnosis in transformational fetish play, such as infantilism (age regression hypnosis), sissification (hypnotic feminization), and behavior modification (smoking cessation, weight loss, weight gain, drinking cessation, addiction recovery, and anger management). I am a certified hypnotherapist.

Eroto-Comatose Lucidity

Repeated stimulation with orgasm refusal sends you into a state of complete physical and emotional exhaustion and lulls you into a trance mode, a transcendent awareness, somewhere between asleep and awake where you are weakened, yet liberated, by my dominant governance and free to experience separate realities.