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AB RattlesMaintaining an adult nursery is an expensive proposition. Adult baby-sized pacifiers, bottles, rattles, diapers, onesies, bibs, jumpers, booties, plastic pants, rompers, and so forth cost a mint. Add to that the expense of baby powder, lotion, and other sundries, and it really starts to add up. Adult baby furniture is so pricey it makes one's head swim. I invested many tens of thousands of dollars to create the finest nursery-themed adult playground in the world. Your fees help maintain the fine facility that we will enjoy together. Your generosity assists me in building a sanctuary for like-minded individuals whose proclivities are often misunderstood.

The rates shown below are all-inclusive. That means there are no hidden charges. You will never be charged extra for anything, including diaper changes.

Please, do not try to negotiate my rates. I gave careful consideration to them, before posting them. I feel they are fair and in line with what the current market will bear. Attempts to negotiate my rates will insult me.

$300...1 hour
$500...2 hours
$700...3 hours
$900...4 hours
$1,000...8 hours
$1,500...12 hours
$2,000...24 hours (1 day)
$2,500...48 hours (2 days)
$3,000...72 hours (3 days)
$3,500...96 hours (4 days)
$4,000...120 hours (5 days)
$4,500...144 hours (6 days)
$5,000...168 hours (1 week)
$7,500...336 hours (2 weeks)
$10,000...504 hours (3 weeks)
$12,500...672 hours (4 weeks)


I require a 50% non-refundable deposit to secure your appointment. If you must reschedule your session, your deposit will be applied to your rescheduled session. If you prefer to pre-pay your session, you may pay 100% of the fee in advance.


In addition to cash, I also accept the following.

Credit And Debit Cards
Amazon E-gift Card
Cash App

Important!Longer Sessions

Write to E-mail Mommy Madeline to inquire about rates for sessions that last longer than one month.