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Snap OnesieI offer a variety of services intended to satisfy the needs of age-play enthusiasts, adult babies, diaper lovers, sissy babies, babyfurs, fetishists, infantilists, and spankos. My services are tailored to your needs.

Please, note that I know the difference between a diaper fetishist and an age player. I get the fact that not all diaper lovers are into age play.

The role I play during your session varies greatly and depends on the specifics of your fantasy. So, it's up to you whether I am your mommy (Mommy Dearest, Mommy Domme, Doting Mother), nanny, babysitter, governess, auntie, nurse (Florence Nightingale, Nurse Ratched), teacher, nana, girlfriend, et cetera. Before your session begins, when it is in the planning stages, we will agree upon which role I will play, what age you will play, how gentle or strict I will be, and other elements of our time together.

Below, you will find a comprehensive list of activities that can be incorporated into your session. Keep in mind that you may pick and choose which activities we explore. If you desire something that is not listed below, feel free to inquire about its availability. Chances are, I can provide it. Typically, the pre-session discussion I conduct with new clients covers everything and gives me a very good idea of how to customize your session to ensure your absolute satisfaction.

I am not a prostitute. I am a fetish and role-play professional. I do not offer sexual services of any kind. I remain fully-clothed during our session. If you solicit illegal services, like anything ending in 'job' or body worship, you will be asked to leave and you will forfeit your donation.


I take care of you by doing such things as playing with, bottle feeding, burping, bathing, tickling, dressing, cuddling, and changing you. I may read you bedtime stories, watch animated videos with you, put you down for naps, punish you when necessary, and so on. Let's play peekaboo or pat-a-cake! I can be very kind, nurturing, and loving. I can also be mean, strict, and cold. The choice of adult baby minding style is yours.


Sometimes, you need to be coerced into infantilism. Often, forced infantilism is punishment for misbehavior. If you are going to act like a baby, I am going to treat you like a baby. I know how to take a naughty adult, who is deserving of such treatment, and show him the error of his ways by forcing him into a diaper, shoving a pacifier in his mouth, and dressing him in adult baby clothes. If you have been bad, I will put you in crib bondage. Then, I will watch you. If you make one wrong move, I will take you over my knee and spank the living daylights out of you. This service is always strict. It can be severe, depending on your personal limits.


Diaper punishment, also known as diaper submission, is designed for those who wish to be punished through the use of diapers. I will be strict with you, even downright mean at times. I will punish you for any infractions you commit. Diaper punishment may involve age-play, when the reprimand includes the concept that you are too old for diapers, but forced to wear them as punishment. Sometimes, the idea of you being a bed-wetter comes into play. Diaper punishment can be mild to severe. Sessions can include such things as bladder control, verbal humiliation, corporal punishment, catheters, suppositories, bondage, chastity cages, enemas, liquid loading, and discipline. Our pre-session discussion determines how severe I will be and which activities will be incorporated into your scene.


Training sissy babies is one of my specialties. It involves incorporating cross-dressing into an adult baby scene. I transform an adult male into the role of a female infant, toddler, or youngster. These scenes involve a combination of adult baby sitting and sissy cross-dressing. Sissy crossdressing refers to forcing or encouraging you to wear girly clothing that is normally worn by girls from infancy to high school. Think pink onesies, frills, ruffles, petticoats, rumba panties, lace, bows, party dresses, Mary Jane shoes, bonnets, bobby socks, barrettes, playsuits, play dresses, baby doll nighties, girlie print diapers, wigs, and the like. I can play the role of a very stern feminizer or a sweet sissification facilitator, depending on how you prefer to play the scene.


Dressing a male as a little girl is a very effective punishment tool. Petticoating has been used for hundreds of years to teach bad boys a lesson. Pinafore eroticism is a highly arousing disciplinary method. There is nothing quite as exciting as dressing a naughty boy in panties and frilly skirts. To teach you a lesson for your horrid behavior, I may force you into girly clothes. Pinaforing is an extremely effective form of disciplinary feminization.


Some people just like diapers. It's that simple. Before your diaper fetish scene, I will ask you a series of questions to determine exactly what kind of diapers you enjoy and how you prefer to incorporate them into your scene. Diaper fetishism can be combined with intricate role-play, if you desire. I can also blend diapers into a regular domination scene, mix diapers with other fetishes, and incorporate them into a BDSM session. I customize every session to the nth degree. Just let me know what floats your boat.


Sessions are available that combine any consensual age-play, fetish, and role-play with furry-related activities to produce babyfur, sissyfur, diaperfur, lilfur, littlefur, kidfur, and associated scenes. These are some of my favorite sessions. I love my furries! I encourage furries to contact me, as I am one of the few professionals who actually understands and participates in this fetish. I encourage my furry clients to bring their furry character.


Do you miss the days when your nanny, governess, teacher, nurse, or auntie used to tend to you? Whether you wish to be an infant in the care of your nanny, a toddler overseen by your governess, a young tot under the direction of your teacher, a child under the care of a nurse, or a youngster staying with your auntie, your fantasy will be fulfilled. We will discuss the precise role-play you desire and your wishes will be granted. These sessions can be gentle, stern, or very strict; depending on your choices. My vast costume wardrobe and endless supply of equipment ensures your dreams will be fulfilled.


My facility has a pediatrician's office exam room and a children's ward hospital room. Nurse Madeline can be sweet, strict, or a blend of the two, according to your wishes. Temperatures are taken the old-fashioned way. Incontinence will be dealt with. The sheer amount and diversity of my equipment is mind boggling. You will be transported to a place and time of your choosing.


You and Mommy Dearest explore the fantastical. Extreme fetishes, bondage, discipline, sadomasochism, bizarre role play, taboos, science fiction, monsters, fantasy creatures, and other endless possibilities can be explored during your session.


Does a day in a park strike your fancy? Does a trip to a zoo spark your imagination? Does an outing to a playground, lunch at Chuck E Cheese's, a cone at an ice cream parlor, a trip to a children's museum, or building a bear at a toy store bring a smile to your face? These are places where an adult can be like a kid. Perhaps, being a kid for a day is just what you need; no stress, no worries, just fun. Exploring little-space can help alleviate stress. I am open to suggestions and absolutely adore taking my little ones out in public to play or to humiliate. It's your choice. Visualize yourself being pushed in a stroller, strapped into a carseat, or having your hand held, as we cross the street.


I am a certified hypnotherapist, certified hypnotherapy instructor, and NLP master practitioner (PsyD, C.Ht, member NGH, ABH, ABNLP, and Hypnotherapists Union Local 472). I provide a multitude of hypnosis services, including age regression, post-hypnotic suggestion (PHS that cause lasting, permanent changes in behavior, such as diaper dependency, through the use of triggers), relyfe programming (complete reorientation of your persona or psycho-sexual needs), hypnosis without trance (e.g. NLP), and recreational erotic hypnosis (mental massage). Whether done in a deep trance state or simply using slight-of-mouth techniques, my hypnosis methods are astounding.


I create amazing custom recordings. Some of the recordings I enjoy creating are hypnosis, bedtime stories, and ABDL domination, but my repertoire extends well beyond those subjects. If you are interested in ordering a custom MP3, send me an e-mail. I will reply with more information, including cost and delivery estimation.

Important! Discipline

For those who prefer the harsher side of fetish play, I offer a variety of creative discipline methods. All is done with your consent and within your limits.

Belt Whoopin', Corner Time, Ear-Marching, Face-Slapping, Grounding To Nursery, Restriction, Hair Brush Smacking, Hair-Pulling, OTK Spanking, Paddling, Time-Out, Mouth-Soaping, Woodshed Correction, Corporal Punishment, Ruler-Whacking, Wet Diaper Wearing, Holding Your Water, Proper School Caning, Cry Baby Tears, Crib Bondage, Public Chastisement, Public Sissy Baby Humiliation, Public Diaper Checks, Public Diaper Acknowledgement, Public Pants Wetting, Wet Bottom Spanking, Public Humiliation, Et Cetera